What Type Boots Do Need to Prevent Snake Bites?

What Type Boots Do Need to Prevent Snake BitesCouple of days ago, my paternal aunt was fighting with the poison of a dangerous snake. My whole family paid multiple visits to the famous hospitals of the United States of America and was rushing from one hospital to another hospital to cure the heel of her feet. The doctors strived hard to recover her feet after having a series of examinations of our beloved aunt.

During the course of examination, one of the intelligent physicians Dr. Morley (God bless him) told us that she had received a poison of an inland taipan snake, known to be the most deadly snake of the world. Dr. Morley (how I can forget his name who saved my aunt from an agonizing situation, Alas!) diagnosed her in a befitting manner and made her able to stand on her feet again (really a miracle for us).

After her recovery, I reached my aunt to listen to the tale of how she had taken the poison. She briefed me very well and told me that she was watering the followers in the garden when a snake bit her feet. Although she had put on a pair of leather shoes of a famous brand, yet the unfortunate shoes did not save her from the deadly bite of the snake.

I have been loving my aunt since I opened my eyes. This incident shocked me a lot; therefore, I started gathering information on what types boots do need to prevent snake bite. During collecting information of precautionary measures, I interacted with different shoe brand manufacturers indigenous as well as international and staff of paramedical and the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service.

After a continuous struggle of three days and nights, I have jotted down a list of the top 5 kinds of boots to protect against snake bites.


Top 5 Kinds of Boots Protect Against Snake Bite

Before studying my exhaustive research on what types of boots protect against snake bite, I request you please take care yourself and take every possible measure to protect the lives of your beloved ones. What type of stress and depression that we had faced, in recent days, is indescribable and beyond your imaginations. So, for God’s sake, please indulge the principle of caring in yourself forcefully.

Let’s come to the kinds of boots that protect against snake bite.


  • Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are considered one of the safest boots against snake bite. Unfortunately, this is a myth. Do you have any confusion? Yes, I have the same before listing the views of Mr. Karley, a managing director of a wildlife company.

Mr. Karley observed that lethal snake species have tremendous abilities to breach hiking boots. He quoted the example of viper snakes that have 2” long, powerful and sharp fangs which mostly prove to be hypodermic needles. These boots also show the same behavior towards rattle and cobra snake bites.

However, they have the ability to hamper the fangs of small snakes like elapids.


  • Rubber Boots

Rubber Boots are also known as galoshes or wellies and are famous for their typical soft silicon rubber. Due to their structure, the snake lovers prefer them to hiking shoes and they provide protection like gardening boots.

These types of boots are mostly used throughout the season in the United States of America owing to their availability and softness. As far as my recommendation is concerned, I don’t suggest putting them on as it has a very light layer of protection against snakes bites.


  • Leather Cowboy Boots

Leather cowboy boots are tall in length and have a very attractive structure. Most people love them due to their fascinating shape.

Usually, leather shoes are costly but the beauty of leather cowboy boots is that they are available cheap in comparison to other leather brands.

Leather cowboy shoes have very hard soles but they provide least protection from the upper part. These are not recommended in the area of snakes as these boots do not prevent snake bites.


  • Multi-Purpose Safety Boots

Multi safety shoes are one the hardest and heaviest boots in the shoe market. These are usually available in black or brown colors. The beauty of these boots is that they have a very hard and durable shell which is equally useful in fields and mountains.

Owing to their unique hardness, they provide significant protection against snake biking. Most of the indigenous people use them in their daily routine works. Paramedical staff recommends them; so, how can I ignore them!

Undoubtedly, the concerned staff has more knowledge and experience than that of mine. That’s why you can use them without any worries.


  • Snake Bite Proof Boots

Snake bite proof boots are the only recommended shoes. Dr. Morley’s team and the officers of the Wildlife service endorsed the usage of these shoes. As the name shows that these are specially made for the primary purpose that is in the discussion.

These shoes provide tremendous resistance against deadly bites of all types of dangerous snakes living in our town, including rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, copperheads, and coral snakes.

Snake bite proof shoes have very hard structures that do not allow the frang of any snake to enter in. I would recommend you to have these shoes on your feet when you take a step out from your home.

Wrap Up

I tried my best to share with you my personal story pertaining to what type boots do need to prevent snake bites. No doubt, foot wares have a pivotal role to minimize the chance of incidents happening around you. It is equally important to wear the best boots while you are either climbing a mountain or watering in the garden.

You should take all proactive as well as protective measures during all times from chores in house to work in place. Besides, having the best boots on your feet, you should have an awareness about your surroundings. In my opinion, awareness is a proactive panacea of all forthcoming incidents.

Thanks for having a valuable time~

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