Where Would a Snake Hide In a Car?

Where Would a Snake Hide In a CarLeaving your car’s door open while you are enjoying the mesmerizing outskirts, viewing the horizon only seems wonderful until the snake doesn’t find its way into your car!

If you know a snake in your car, you probably feel and think it can be anywhere. However, there are certain snake-prone places in the car where the possibility gets high. So if you want to get rid of the snake without getting bitten, you need to check on the specific place in your car.

So if you cannot call the snake catcher right away this post will tell you where to look for a snake in your car. Let’s find the snake by finding the answer.

Where Would a Snake Hide In a Car?

If you have doubts about whether there is a snake in your car, do not rush to find it by removing everything. On the other hand, make sure to keep silent and make no noise. The snake can possibly change its way if you make noises. The possible places for snakes to be in our car are:

Dashboard and air vents

The dashboard and air vent can hide the snake for sure. The plastic fitting with one or two holes is from where the snake can come out and in. Also, the glove box and plastic fitting of the interior door are also vulnerable to hiding snakes.

Engine and bonnet area of the car

The engine of the car is the first palace where the snake can hide preferably. The engine is usually warm and that is why snakes and many other rodents like to hide in three especially if there is no other place other than your car. When you sit or plan o drive your car,

The trunk of the car

The snake can also be inside the trunk of the car and that is one of the most neglected places when people forget to look. And if you have kept the trunk open after cleaning and the area is notorious for snakes, you need to be careful when you close it.

Why can snakes come and hide in my car?

This is because these offer enough warmth and hiding place to the snake and they prefer to hide there. Another reason why a snake can be there is that snakes are cold-blooded reptiles in nature, and that is why they preferably hide in warm and shady places, especially if it is not summer.

However, if you see the snake in the car, do not rush to remove it in any condition. And if you don’t know if the snake is venomous or not, you should totally lean on calling a professional snake catcher. You can also set up the best snake trap to capture it and lure it by placing food so that it can come out from where the snake is currently hiding, however, it can take time.

Without having the knowledge about how to deal with the snake you should not encounter it. That said, wearing a protecting snake-bite-proof shoe and glove would help you a lot.

How to know if you have a snake in your car?

Although you cannot know if there is a snake in your car or not unless you have seen it crawling in there still, here are a few signs that tell you a lot. And if there is a snake in your car for a considerable time, things become easier to spot. For instance,

  • If there are snake feces, there can be snake skin in your car
  • If there is a snakeskin, there can be a snake in your car
  • If there is regurgitating there can be a snake in your car (snakes regurgitate their meal)


As you know snakes are not friendly toward humans and other animals therefore they like to hide in shady places. And for a car, a bonnet or its engine can be the best spot the fill fills the snake hiding in requirements. The bonnet and trunk of the car are warm. Therefore, being dark and warm and the engine is where the snake and other reptiles can stay.



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