Where Do Snakes Hide In a House

Where Snakes Hide In a HouseIf you hate snakes you’re not alone. However, hating a snake would not help you unless you know where snakes hide in a house. Usually, snakes have the super ability to go unnoticed and hide in places where no one can imagine. Moreover, the smooth and kind of slippery bodies of snakes add to their hiding capabilities.

Although the snake you see in your house is not a venomous one, who knows! If you see it you need to get rid of it regardless of its poison. But if you try to kill it, you always need to have safety and protection there. But if somewhere a snake has sneaked into your house and you are struggling to find it from scratch, it could be dangerous too.

So if you are renovating your home or there is any construction work going on you need to be watchful of snakes and rodents. In this article, we will tell you about those vulnerable spots where a snake can easily hide. So let’s shed light on those hidden places

Where Do Snakes Hide In a House?

Snakes usually do not like to hide in your home, but if they are in your house, they would try to remain unnoticed. Therefore if you luckily see it coming into your home here are a few places where they can be found.

Cool and dark areas

Like in forests and other snake places, if there is a snake in your home it would preferably choose a cool and darker spot to hide, for example under furniture or near the staircase, etc. they can easily crawl there.

Under appliance

Another possible place for snakes is under furniture and appliances or beds. No matter if they are not cool or dark, a snake would still try to remain out of a human’s sight. Therefore, if there are holes and tight places such as between sofas or under the furniture you need to be careful while looking for a snake there.

In the heap of clothes

Clothes offer so much room for snakes to be in. their adaptive body can easily hide in the pile of cloth or heaps of anything. And if you have some discarded things piled up in a heap, there can be snakes.

Water spots and Pipes

As said above, snakes like cool and dark places. So if you have a snake at home look around the water pipes and area that is watery. Snakes usually like to be in cool places like water pipes.

 In bush and storage places

Another favorite place for snakes to hide is in the storage boxes and old things. So if you have just moved in, the snake can be in storage boxes or near it, on ledges of walls, and in cement or clay areas. Be very careful of these places as the snake color and dull ground may look the same and you may fool the rope like a snake or vice versa.


Finding and spotting the snake in the house is both thrilling and dangerous. If you do not have the experience of catching snakes like all of us, we readily recommend you to opt for safety like Snake Bite Proof Boots, Snake Bite Proof Gloves, or Snake Repellents in approach so that you don’t get bitten!

So far as the snake in house hiding is concerned, it can be anywhere. You cannot say that a snake would always be in a dark place since you have read an article about it. There are chances of either it being there or not.

Therefore, keep a torch in hand and you better call the professionals!



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