Why is Snake Trap Good? All the Good Things Explained

Why is Snake Trap GoodI have seen people dwindle between a snake repellent and a snake trap. Both promise to relieve you from snake trouble. Then why is snake trap good and score more points when compared with repellers and other removal techniques? Um…flipped a coin, and voila! Found the answer. No man, I didn’t manifest this answer by doing ‘heads or tails.’

A snake trap is effective, cheap, easily available, involves little risk and works on all species of snakes. Repellents and other DIY methods also keep snakes away, but some are time-consuming while others are risky and work on a limited type of serpents.

So, next time when you see someone contemplating why a snake trap is good, give them the answers I have explained below.

Why Snake Trap is Good: Reasons

I will prefer snake trap over snake repellent because of the following reasons.

  1. Effectiveness/Satisfaction
  2. Harmless
  3. Availability/Affordability
  4. Easy to Use
  5. One-Man Show

These are some of the compelling reasons that I am sure will make you understand why snake trap is good and a better option.

Let’s discuss each of the given reasons in detail. I can bet there will be no doubt left in your mind by the end of this post.

  1.  Effective/Satisfaction

You will spend your time, money and energy on only those snake-eliminating methods that promise desired results. Trust me, there’s no doubt regarding the effectiveness of a snake trap. The snake will get caught in your set trap; if not today, then tomorrow, only if you choose its location wisely. Also, while other snake-repelling approaches take time, this shows immediate results. One day you set a trap, and the snake is caught probably till the end of the day.

As for satisfaction, when you take the sake away from your place and see it go away with your two eyes, satisfaction is guaranteed. After all, you have one less snake to worry about.

  1. Harmless/Humane

According to experts and also in my humble opinion, catching a snake with a trap is among those fewer hands-off approaches that are harmless and involve negligible contact with snakes.

People say that the sticky lining of a glue trap may peel patches of a snake’s skin. True, I won’t deny it. However, pouring vegetable oil on the stick part of a snake will release it unharmed.

Note: I am talking about common glue traps, minnow traps, box traps and maze traps. Snake-kill traps are by no means harmless and humane approach.

  1. Availability/Affordability

A snake trap isn’t a rare commodity. You can easily find the one according to your needs online or in a local store at an affordable price. In fact, glue traps are super cheap; many are reusable, which is a bonus.

I know a few DIY methods for homemade snake traps; they don’t involve spending money. Free things are the best, aren’t they? You can build a snake trap at home, without spending money, from the equipment stacked in your storage or toolkit.

  1. Easy to Use

Another reason why I find snake traps better than other methods is that they are easy to use. There’s no rocket science or challenging tactic involved. You just have to choose the type of trap according to the species of snake you want to imprison; bait it properly, and wisely place it in a heavy snake traffic location.

Also, there’s little risk and contact factor involved in snake traps, unlike snake hooks and tongs.

  1. One-Man Show

A snake trap is neutral towards all snakes. If you have set a trap, it will catch a snake one way or another. It’s not like one type of snake trap will seize non-venomous snakes and leave the venomous species free or vice-versa.

Let me share one of my personal experiences. I bought a reusable trap and used it twice. One time it held a small garter snake and caught a baby copperhead the next time.

Similar is the case with other types of traps. Whether you set a minnow trap or a wooden box trap, it will catch the snake irrespective of its nature – poisonous or non-poisonous.

People have shared experiences where snake repellers and plants have failed to work on certain species of serpents. Now you know why I call these traps a one-man show.

A Tip: Professional exterminators advise using maze or wooden box traps for venomous pythons and minnow traps for non-venomous adult snakes. It’s for your own safety.


A snake trap is an effective and safest way to render any snake immobile. We cannot say that about other repelling and removal techniques with this much conviction. Snake traps are also conveniently available and affordable, which makes my point more obvious: a snake trap is undoubtedly the best hands-off technique for getting rid of a serpent without injury. Lastly, it brings instant peace of mind. And I think that decides why you should consider this method whenever a snake problem appears.

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Clinton Newman is a herpetologist and part-time blogger who loves to study snakes and their behavior. He is always called by neighbors to help them catch or get rid of snakes in their houses. . He's a passionate traveler and does a lot of Hiking and Hunting Adventures. His favorite places are Forests, Deserts, and Mountains. Now, he's guiding other Hikers to hike safely through this blog by reviewing the top best picks gears for safety and also guiding on Snakes and ways to deal with them.