Will Cinnamon Keep Snakes Away

Will Cinnamon Keep Snakes AwayWhen it comes to keeping off snakes, there are so many ways. While you can certainly opt for Snake Repellents but if you don’t have those at hand, only tips and tricks come to the rescue.

As you know there are certain things that attract snakes such as eggshells, and mice cracks, there are also certain smells that a snake won’t like. That said, it is commonly believed that cinnamon would repel snakes. But is that true and will cinnamon keep snakes away for real or not?

We are also as curious as you are so we did research on that. After searching and brainstorming we came to a conclusion that you certainly would like to know about. So read this article!

Will cinnamon keep snakes away?

Spices and herbs do wonder. They are not only used in cooking but also in many other things such as curing ailments and burning for relaxation. However cinnamon is one such spice that is mostly believed to be the best snake repellent for sure. Substances that have a strong and pungent smell often do not go well with reptiles and snakes as well.

Cinnamon and clove oil together work wonderfully well for keeping snakes out of the premises. You can mix the two oils and make an effective spray in a bottle for your own snake repellent.

So when it comes to cinnamon, the matter becomes somewhat debatable. Snakes are not only powerful for their speed and sneaky ability but also they have astonishing smelling power. Therefore many people still believe that cinnamon works wonders when it comes to keeping snakes away. So when it comes to cinnamon, snakes do not like it and that is true.

Other smells that snakes hate the most

However, this is not it. There are other smells that a snake would try to avoid. Mainly the smell of vinegar does not go well with snakes and they readily run away. That is the reason why vinegar was effectively used as the best snake repellent. Its strong smell does wonders for keeping snakes away. In addition to that, it is said that mothballs also keep off snakes. However, there is no proper evidence to support it as of yet. Here are the top other smells that snakes hate the most!

  • Clove
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Pepper
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Cowboy rope
  • Cedar oil
  • Lime


If you are wondering about how to keep snakes away, there can be a lot of things. However, for smell, we have included the most common and tested spice smell that has been noticed and an effective snake repellent.

Snakes do not like strong smells, that’s why they keep themselves limited in the presence of such a smell. That said, there are many myths as well about certain smells that keep snakes from being as effective. So what matters the most is what species of snake you have encountered and if the snake is too aggressive to attack or not.

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