Are Military Boots Snake Bite Proof?

Military combat boots are not just for military personnel or law enforcement agents, despite the self-explanatory title. Their durability, distinctive style and features make them the kin of many hunting/jungle boots. When sturdiness, style and features appear in one sentence, it implies that they can also come in handy in fields vulnerable to snakes.

Most of us know that hunting boots offer safety from snakes but are military boots snakeproof too? Very few of us can confidently say Yes to this question. That’s because not all military and tactical combat boots are able to guard one from snake encounters common to most field jobs.

We thought it was important to discuss whether military boots are snakeproof, like hunting boots, or not because thousands of people worldwide become victims of nasty snakebites every year. An unfortunate 5% of them die only in America.

So, you must know what type of military tactical boots will prevent you from becoming an unfortunate member of these statistics. The given article will aid you in this regard.

Are Military Boots Snakeproof?

Honestly speaking, not 100% and also not all of them. You will come across most military and tactical boots with snake-proofing quality, but not all products of the class and designs offer protection from fangs.

However, they mimic certain traits of hunting boots to draw a shield around your lower limbs; as a result, they keep you safe from needle-sharp fangs. Instead of letting you wonder and play a guessing game, I briefly discussed all the features below. Therefore, next time when you shop for outdoor footwear, you will know which military boots you should consider for safety against snake encounters.

Features Aiding in Protection against Snake Attacks

Following are the qualities commonly found in most military/combat and hunting boots to aid against the onslaught of snakes.

Thick Material

Flimsy and ordinary fabrics don’t stand a chance against the sharpness and intensity of attacking fangs. That’s why military and tactical boots use dense materials such as heavy-duty leather, neoprene, canvas and nylon. The manufacturers prefer these materials because the teeth of snakes cannot penetrate them. It would take an adult pit viper of substantial length to be able to break this barrier to insert fangs in your flesh.

Note: It is common for snakes to curl up inside the boots in search of warmth, so you must turn your shoes upside down and vigorously shake them before sliding your feet inside.

Tall shaft

Almost all military and tactical boots I have investigated thus far come with long shafts. Their length ranged from 6-inches to 8-inches; some feature even taller shanks, up to 14-inches or above.

The message that I got from bits of advice from experts is that taller shanks are better than ankle-length counterparts because they shield your lower legs from all possible misadventures, such as snakes and other poisonous reptiles, thorns, sharp grass blades etc.

Specially-Designed Toe & Heel Cap

Another feature common between most hunting and military boots is their reinforced heel caps and toes. The core concept is to provide sturdiness to the toes and heel areas so they can withstand harsh terrains without losing traction. But, they also offer a side benefit, i.e. keep your feet safe from a snake when you unknowingly step on it.

Many military and tactical boots feature admirable pressure-resistant structures to reduce the risk of injuries caused by heavy or harsh objects. Therefore, you can confidently wear them to snake countries.

Waterproof and Moisture-free Lining

Another praiseworthy feature of military/combat boots is that they keep water at bay and allow your feet to breathe. They use a waterproof layer and a moisture-wicking lining to grant these much-desired comforts. As a result, you can wear them to a wide range of field jobs without worrying about the climate, terrain and weather condition.


I am not a fan of this zipper-closing technique because zippers are prone to rust and breakage and lack desirable fitting. However, their utility and user-friendliness are undeniable and a silver lining. In a rare unfortunate circumstance, if a nefarious reptile or grassy creature manages to injure your skin, you can swiftly take off your combats with the help of zip-style closing and deliver necessary first aid.

Top Picks of Military or Tactical Boots for Your Convenience

Below are the top 4 picks of tactical and military boots that can confer substantial protection from dangerous reptiles like snakes and scorpions. You will not find them lacking in comfort and other desirable features too.

  1. Black Police Snakeproof Waterproof Military Boots
  2. Smith & Wesson Footwear Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Boots
  3. Thorogood GEN-Flex2 Black Tactical Boots
  4. Free Soldier Men’s Military Combat Ankle Boots

The above products have better reviews than their rival designs. Plus, they can provide a comparatively higher degree of protection from painful fangs and stings.


Military boots contain several features of hunting boots. One of them is their ability to lessen the risk of snakebites, which is why you can use them in plenty of outdoor activities and professions. Their reinforced design and comfort features are rare qualities that many combat boots lack. So, you must check whether the footwear contains the requisite comfort and safety or not before making the final call.

The list given above contains military combat boots that can guard you against hidden enemies like snakes and scorpions. Spare them a glance and see if they meet your needs or not.

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