5 Best Snake Proof Hiking Chaps Reviews 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Snake Proof Hiking Chaps


This dreadful sound followed by a searing pain caused by unforeseen snakebites from hidden spots in the wilderness can turn a hunting, hiking, camping, or other such adventurous venture into a devastating episode in seconds.

All because of simple neglect on your part – not coming fully armoured in hunting gears.

A simple solution to avoid such horrific occurrences is to wear snake chaps whenever you embark on such excursions as they are specially designed to shield your legs from any puncturing wound and keep you comfortable despite the weather conditions.

You will also find answers to some of your core concerns in the FAQs part at the bottom. So, let’s start.


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Best Snake Proof Hiking Chaps 2023 Reviews

We have picked a list of some of the best snake proof chaps that money can buy for you to let you explore the serenity and enchantment of faraway lands without the fear of venom.


Top Snake Proof Chaps Comparison Table

Product Name
Rattler Snake Proof Chaps
Rattler Snake
Proof Chaps
Snake Protector Forester Chaps Durable Snake-Guard
Snake Protector
Forester Chaps
Durable Snake-
Forester Realtree Licensed Snake Chaps
Forester Realtree
Licensed Snake
Snake Chaps for Kids - Youth Size Snake Chaps - Snake Bite Protection for Children (Mossy Oak, XLarge Stocky)
Snake Chaps
for Kids – Crackshot
TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Total Protection Snake Chaps
SnakeArmor Total
Protection Snake Chaps


1.   Rattler – Best Snake Proof Chaps of 2023

Rattler Snake Proof Chaps


Rattler is not a new name for hunters because of delivering quality gear for protection against snakes. Rattler snakebite proof chaps are another striking example of a brand’s reputation.

They are widely liked by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts due to their relatively cheaper prices without reducing their effectiveness one tad bit. The reason is crystal clear: “Compromising on quality is not an option.”

It is constructed of high-quality nylon to offer an effective barrier against snakebites and other puncturing injuries from the knee to the ankle. In addition, it adds an additional protective layer to your lower leg to shield this more exposed part of the body.

Also, due to its waterproof ability, your pants will be safe from getting wet, which becomes a nuisance when you step into wetlands.

There’s also an adjustable strap to give you a custom fit because customized fitting has a huge impact on your comfortable movement.

Another interesting fact is that you get an option to choose these in the camouflage pattern as well. Not that it impacts its performance in any way, but it’s a good choice for those who want to blend with the surrounding environment to not alert the hidden enemy – a snake or wild animal.

All in all, it doesn’t leave anything to chance. No wonder, it’s a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

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  • High-quality and lightweight material.
  • Water-resistant coating.
  • Snake and puncture proof.
  • Ankle-to-knee protection.
  • Adjustable strap.
  • Low price.


  • Less comfortable in warmer weather.

Bottom Line

Rattler has designed these chaps for those outdoor enthusiasts who want safety from venomous bites without taking a toll on their wallets. They are wetness-proof and adjustable to assure you of a nuisance-free trip.


2.   Snake Protector Forester – Best Waterproof Snake Proof Chaps

Snake Protector Forester Chaps Durable Snake-Guard


It is not every day happening that you come face to face with gruesome creatures like a snake, but whenever that happens, the encounter is not pleasant at all.

When you are working in snake inhabited localities, or out on hunting/hiking expeditions, wearing these snake chaps by Forester guarantees that you come out alive and unscathed from any such accidental encounter.

Investing in these snake protector forester chaps means you’re getting foolproof shielding not only against piercing fangs but also against thorns that have the potential to leave a nasty throbbing wound.

Do you think that getting this double protection well under a hundred bucks is a bad bargain?

Moreover, the inclusion of a zipper ensures that you get a decent fit with easy on/off. Also, there’s a metal snap fastener for easily attaching it to your belt. However, note that these snake protectors fit loosely.

Therefore, it’s better to purchase a size that’s 2-3 inches shorter than your pant inseam for comfortable movement.

Composed of durable waterproof material, it will last for years without lagging in performance. The fact that it’s hand-sewn in the U.S.A alone is a guarantee enough that your money is not lost.

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  • Snake- and -briar proof.
  • Durable and long-lasting construction.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Metal snap fastener for the belt.
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Reasonable price.


  • Can get hot due to less breathable material.
  • Fit loosely.

Bottom Line

Snake Protector Forestor chaps come with a promise of protection from all piercing and spiky objects, including fangs and briars, that could leave a nasty wound. They feature a sturdy waterproof material with a zipping mechanism to ensure nothing puts a damper on your expedition.


3.   Forester – Best Realtree Licensed Snake Proof Chaps

Forester Realtree Licensed Snake Chaps


The first thing that will make you stop for a moment to consider it is the low price, lower than even some of the cheap snake chaps like Rattler snake chaps.

What makes it enter the queue of the best snake chaps is that the reduction in price does not bring down the quality and performance of these hunting gears.

With the outer Cordura material, it not only acts as a strong barrier against sharp fangs but can also withstand the toughest weather conditions.

Investing in Forester Realtree Xtra means you are fully safe from snakebites from ankle-to-knee as well as from brush and thorns all the way up to your thighs.

They are designed to fit people ranging from 5’4” – 6’2” due to the incorporation of adjustable nylon straps. If you are worried about them being loose around the lower leg due to the absence of straps, then know that the stiff material will not let the garment ride up to leave you vulnerable to fangs.

Getting all the necessary shielding without spending an extravagant amount is worth considering.

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  • Full protection from brush and thorns.
  • Snake proof below knee.
  • Cordura type outer material.
  • Lower than average price.
  • Adjustable nylon straps.


  • Tad bit uncomfortable in warm weather.
  • Loose fitting below knee.

Bottom Line

These Real Tree snake chaps with an exceptional snake guard feature and camouflage design promise a safe and sound stroll in the wilderness. Their superior quality and incredibly lower pricing make them the best cheap snakeproof hiking chaps for on-budget hikers and campers.


4.   Crackshot – Best Snake Chaps for Kids

Snake Chaps for Kids - Youth Size Snake Chaps - Snake Bite Protection for Children (Mossy Oak, XLarge Stocky)


Snakebites hurt, but it hurts more when it’s your kid on the receiving end. Banning your children from accompanying you on hunting adventures in the wilderness is unwise, especially when you have a reliable option in the form of Crackshot.

Everything about children needs extra care and attention and Crackshot fully understands this.

Snake proof material is bound to be tough and stiff and since that can cause discomfort to your kid, these snake chaps are thoughtfully crafted from durable nylon combined with vinyl coated polyester to make it flexible enough to allow a decent range of movement for knees.

The highlight of the product is that these have been penetration tested. This means you can relax because your kid is 100% protected from snakebites from foot to waist.

If that’s not enough, then the “made in the U.S.A” factor eliminates all the doubts about its durability and effectiveness.

The fact that each of Crackshot’s snakebite proof products is supported by a $ 1 million liability policy is a seal that you are not spending money on a substandard product.

With a 10-inch side zipper, they are not only comfortable but also easy to slip on/off. In addition, multiple sizes are available; you can take up accurate measurements to pick a size that will fit your child perfectly.

With such guaranteed protection, do you still think it’s better to rob your child of the serenity of wilderness? Of, course not!

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  • Constructed from durable 900D nylon and vinyl-coated polyester.
  • Penetration tested.
  • 100% protection from snakebite.
  • Covers from foot to waist.
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • 10-inch side zipper.
  • Multiple sizes available.


  • Relatively warm material.

Bottom Line

If you have a kid fond of hiking/hunting like you, get these bite-proof snake chaps from him. Their rugged material and liability policy eliminate all the doubts about your child’s safety from vicious snakes.


5.   TurtleSkin SnakeArmor – Best Top Rated Snake Chaps

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Total Protection Snake Chaps


TurtleSkin SnakeArmor believes in: “GO BIG OR GO HOME!”

If a significant hike in price tag is a put off, then know that TurtleSkin delivers everything top-notch. In a few hundred bucks, you get an armour that not only offers 100% guaranteed protection from some of the most poisonous and sharpest fangs but also versatility.

Whether you are on a hunting, hiking, landscaping, or treasure hunting excursion, there’s not even a slight chance of discomfort because the material used is extremely flexible and breathable.

No matter how hot the temperature is, your legs will not heat up or start sweating.

High quality patented fabric with a special SnakeArmor technology below the knee makes sure that you are completely safe from venomous snakes whether in deserts or woods.

Furthermore, it claims total protection for a reason. This means, you are guarded all the way up to your thighs even if you accidentally encounter a longer snake, that can reach above your knee.

TurtleSkin doesn’t leave anything to chance. It claims 100% guaranteed protection after live-testing on rattlesnakes. Along with snakes, the sturdy material shields you from stubborn thorns and briars as well.

What makes it top the chart is that with so much protection, the material is yet lightweight and comfortable which makes it ideal for hot weather. Not only this but it can be used all year round because of its water and wind-resistant capacity which makes it suitable for wet or colder seasons.

In the end, TurtleSkin delivers a knockout punch with its chaps’ machine-washable ability. Navigating through wetlands, long bushes, thick woods etc. is bound to leave nasty stains on your gears. Its machine-washable ability makes sure that you spend less time in its upkeep and more time in exploring the wilderness.

If you think it’s breaking a bank, then it’s worth every penny considering the fact that you’re getting a one-man army in return.

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  • Durable and long-lasting construction.
  • Breathable and flexible material.
  • Water and wind resistant.
  • Complete protection up to thighs.
  •  Lightweight.
  • Tested on live rattlesnakes.
  • Machine-washable material.


  • High-costing.

Bottom Line

If you are a hardcore hunting or hiking lover with no budget restraints, TurtlerSkin SnakeArmor snake chaps are the finest choice. These premium and lightweight chaps can keep the most violent snakes at bay during a variety of trips to faraway lands.


Buyer’s Guide: Best Hiking Snake Bite Proof Chaps (2023)

Before venturing on expeditions in a snake-laden area, it is better to be fully shielded to avoid any painful experience. While the market is bustling from a wide range of snake chaps, not all products are fabricated from the best materials or even tested on live snakes.

Since snakebite, and that also a poisonous one, is not a matter to be taken lightly, it is necessary to be fully aware of what to look for when investing in snake chaps. A high-quality product is a reassurance of safety and comfort despite any daring venture.


1. Number of Layers:

The first and foremost thing that you need to investigate is the number of layers used for protection. Chaps with multiple layers offer maximum shielding against piercing fangs and thorns. Most commonly, extra coatings are used below the knee area since the lower part of the leg is most vulnerable to unforeseen snakebites.

Usually, the outer thicker layer is mostly abrasion and scratch resistant; padding layers are puncture proof for preventing fangs to penetrate; a waterproof sheet ensures that the poison doesn’t reach your clothes as well as keeping your clothes and body dry while manoeuvring through swamps or marshes; a thin liner is also added for comfort.

Thick plastic is also used for protection against bites in some of the chaps.


2. Weather Resistance:

A weather-resistant membrane in protective chaps is essential for die-hard hunters, hikers and campers, especially those who indulge in these activities all year round. They should have a water-proof membrane and can resist wind and heat to ensure adverse weather conditions cannot ruin your day. Invest in snakeproof chaps that assure to keep your limbs moist-free and comfortable in any climate.

For instance, TurtleSkin SnakeArmor chaps feature top-notch quality and weather guard elements, enabling you to hunt in summers and winters.


3. Breathability:

Snake chaps that are waterproof tend to use a material that doesn’t allow air circulation, resulting in excessive heat-trapping and sweating. This becomes really uncomfortable when you’re out in a hot climate.

Make sure that you choose chaps made of polyester, nylon, or duck cotton canvas because they not only resist water but allow maximum air to pass through to prevent heat traps keeping your skin comfortably cool in hot weather.


4. Comfort:

Like every apparel, you want to make certain that your chaps are comfortable enough to be worn for longer. It is not uncommon to use stiff material for snake chaps for maximum protection against fangs.

While they offer excellent protection, on one hand, they tend to become troublesome and noisy in the brush. With innovative technology, manufacturers design thin and flexible materials that are equally snake-bite-resistant.

Additionally, you need to look for a snake chap that fits you adequately to provide protection without hindering your movement. Keeping in mind that, choosing chaps with contour designs and adjustable straps is always the best option.

The contoured design combined with buckled straps ensures that they fit you perfectly leaving no room for snakes and other poisonous creatures to slither in.


5. Effective Performance:

Not all snake chaps that use snake-proof material delivers effective results. Along with snake bites you need protection from thistles and briars as well. Snake chaps that offer such shielding are more effective.

Also, many snake chaps protect only your lower leg. Snake chaps that offer full-leg protection are the best choice., like Snake Protector Forester.

Another golden rule is to prefer snake chaps that have been tested with live snakebites. They are the most effective and trustworthy.


6. Weight:

Most of the time this fact is overlooked while making a purchase, but its huge impact on the comfort and mobility of a person makes it worth considering. Due to tough material and multiple layers, snake chaps tend to be heavy resultantly making you feel weighed down.

Also, chaps are attached to the belt and heavyweight pulls your trousers down. When you are on hunting/hiking ventures, all your attention needs to be on the surrounding. Continuous pulling up of your pants becomes a hindrance. All this restricts your agility.

Therefore, it is better to pick chaps that use lightweight material. However, the better material may become costly, but that’s the compromise you’ll have to make if you’re really passionate about such outdoor ventures.

How perfectly do they fit?

People often overlook the sizing and fitting of protective snake chaps. Loose and wobbly chaps are just a deception – a snake can slither under the loose piece of clothing without any obstruction and strike wherever it likes. Your entire leg is fair game for it. So, make sure you buy a pair of protective apparel that is neither loose nor rides up/down when you walk. Also, buy a size a couple of inches shorter than your trouser’s inseams to let you maintain a brisk pace on all terrains.



Q. Can chaps effectively stop a snakebite?

Yes, they can. Snake chaps are constructed from high-strength fabrics with multiple layers for separate functions to barricade fangs, thorns and briars from scratching your leg. If you buy the right pair of anti-snake chaps, which have also passed trials of live snake bites, it can effectively reduce the risk of becoming a victim of painful fang attacks.

Q. Can a snake bite through leather chaps?

The answer is both a yes and no. The majority of fang wounds occur around the calf region. If your leather boots and chaps are not specifically designed to resist snake attacks, you will suffer a painful experience. The risk becomes higher if the opponent is a hostile specie like a rattlesnake or king cobra. Your best defence is to wear those leather chaps and cowboy boots that contain an additional snake guard shield.

Q. What are the best pants to prevent snakebites?

The pants that can offer undoubted protection against venom-injecting fangs are made of heavy-duty denim, nylon or canvas. Uber-sturdy leather material is also good at preventing fangs from penetrating through the fabric. If you want 100% assurance and peace of mind, invest in a top-end pair of chaps, like TurtleSkin SnakeArmor chaps, and tall snake-proof boots.

Q. What is the best protection against hostile snakes, both poisonous and non-poisonous?

Four primary layers offer optimum safety from most species of snakes: tall snake boots, gaiters, leggings/pants and chaps. You can swap gaiters for snake chaps or vice versa, depending on the weather and species of snakes inhabiting the region. Buy a durable pair of gaiters or chaps with customizable closure straps to securely fasten them above your footwear.



Wilderness calls you to explore it; but this call hides a lingering danger as well:” snakes”. You don’t have to experience a real snakebite to know that it’s painful, and the one that comes with poison is nothing short of being horrific.

With the safety of snake chaps, you may be less likely to receive an unforeseen painful snakebite on more exposed parts of your body, and legs.

Taking help from a buyer’s guide can help you decide which snake chap design fulfils all your needs without letting your money go to waste.


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