Can Snakes Bite through Cowboy Boots

Can Snakes Bite through Cowboy BootsLast month, We bought a new house in Florida, a state surrounded by seawater and is known as the quagmire of snakes.

Our living place is known as the home of snakes. I was keenly interested to know the nitty gritty of snakes’ behavior and most importantly, the precautionary measures to avoid snake bites and the remedial measures to cure the heels.

One day, I met with Mr. George, an officer of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. He came to our house to meet my father and I took a chance to listen to him. He has very vast knowledge of snakes and I had a long conversation with him.

I asked numerous difficult questions and one of the most important questions that I asked him was, “Can snakes bite through cowboy boots” because I had a pair of cowboy boots and was wondering if they would save me from the venous snake’s bite?

He said that you should have an in-depth knowledge of snake bite proof boots. He told me some important points that I have jotted down here for all of you who are living in the area where snakes are roaming around without any obstacle.

Can Snake Bite through Cowboy Boots?

It is immensely difficult to answer this question, can snakes bite through cowboy boots? The simple and to the point answer is Yes! A snake can bite through cowboy boots. But there are various factors that have great impacts on cowboy boots’ ability.

Upon asking the above-mentioned question, Mr. George took a long silence and thought thoroughly.

Suddenly, He broke the ice after well-nigh after one minute and said that it was a difficult question to answer, but he would try his best to answer it.

He started his answer with words that some snakes can bite through cowboy shoes; whereas some don’t have enough biting power to penetrate through thick layers of leather boots.

Mr. George explained that the biting power utterly depends upon the fangs of a snake. He added that a snake delivers venom through his matchless sharp fangs.

He further added that the fangs of a snake are needle-like and have robust power to penetrate the thin leather of cowboy boots.

Mr. George shared a principle with me that the more the snake has less size, the more he has the ability to penetrate any material. Hence, the size of the snake has a vital role in penetration ability.

Let’s come to the point of what are the features of the best cowboy boots that prevent snake bites.

Features of the Cowboy Boots that Prevent Snakes Bite

First of all, I tender my best wishes to Mr. George who told me the features of the best cowboy boots that prevent snake bites.

He pointed out each feature one by one so that I might note them in my notebook. I still remember the day when I interacted with Mr. George to learn about the cowboy boots that showed a vigorous attitude towards bites of snakes.

The features are given below;


  • Thick Layer

One of the great features of cowboy boots that protect against snake bites is that they should have thick layers of leather or rubber. Generally, rubber or leather has an excellent ability against the fang of snakes.

Deadly snakes have 2 inches fangs in length that can penetrate any sort of leather or rubber; So, you should select those cowboys shoes that have a very thick layer of rubber or leather for your safety of yourself.


  • Hard and Durable Sole

The cowboys shoes should have hard soles. hard soles are generally made of leather, rubber and nylon because these materials have tremendous impledding abilities against the bite of snakes; therefore, durable materials are considered as a robust safeguards against snakes


  • Strong Textile Quality

Another feature of good cowboy boots that protect humans from the bite of snakes is that it should have strong textile quality. Strong textile quality is helpful not only against the fang of a snake but a source of comfort during hiking also; therefore, having strong textile quality in cowboys boots is beneficial in a dual way.


  • Comfortable Boots

Another aspect that should be considered while choosing cowboy boots is their comfort level. Mostly snakes proof boots are hard in nature.

Although these shoes cater the primary purpose yet these ones don’t provide comfort to the feet. You should consider the comfort level while choosing cowboys shoes.

  • Long Lasting Life

Cowboys shoes are more expensive than those of other normal boots. While expending a lot of money, you should keep in mind that the buying product should have a long lasting life.

Furthermore, he also discussed some other feathers like colors, designs and brands of cowboys that are not really important to mention here. Because every person has a different choice according to his nature.

Final Remarks

Although it is very difficult to answer the question of whether snakes can bite through cowboy boots or not yet it is answerable.  After having a long discussion with Mr. George, I come to the point of conclusion that it totally depends upon the snake’s size. Yes! snakes can bite through cowboy boots if they are small in size. Otherwise, big size snakes don’t have the ability to penetrate the cowboy’s boots.

You should choose your cowboys keeping in view of above mentioned guidelines and requisite features that Mr. George has shared with me to minimize the ability of snakes to bite the shoes.

Take care and have good cowboy boots to protect yourself!

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