3 Best Snake Hooks of 2023 – Top Picks Reviewed & Buying Guide

Best Snake HooksSnake’s presence makes us all worried and frightened and that’s normal.

But it is bothersome if this uninvited guest stays for longer and thinks of this guest as someone who doesn’t know where to go next.

In such a case, either call for help by a professional to handle this matter or be brave and careful to handle this situation by yourself.

But the problem, you’ll experience is you can’t touch it otherwise you’ll be stricken to death.

So you’ll need a snake tong or hook to handle this nicely and safely.

And this is what this piece of content is all about. We’ve reviewed some of the finest snake hooks that can help you in hard times as we’ve discussed.

Best Snake Hooks Reviews in 2023

In the case of snake hook, well-built models like the V-Cheetong snake hook use duck-billed shape hook that easily slips under a snake without harming it.

This gentle manner prevents the creature from becoming agitated enough to strike.

1.   DocSeward – Best Top Rated Snake Hook

Screenshot_18DocSeward Snake Hook

Placing DocSeward as #1 snake hook isn’t just a random configuration.

It is a “top pick” because it really is an outstanding option when it comes to handling snakes without injuring them in the process.

This hook has a unique copper ferrule which not only makes it lighter and more durable but also gives the tool remarkable balance.

All of these go a long way in helping you exert the right amount of control to successfully capture or move even bulkier snakes without causing any physical harm to them.

Along with rugged build, much thought has also been given to user’s comfort that is evident from its rubberized smooth grip handle. With its secure grip, there is less likely a chance of you mishandling your targeted prey or allowing it to slip from your noose.

On top of that, with a total of 43-inch length, it allows you to capture or move a reptile without awkwardly bending your back or getting too close to let yourself be in any danger of its strike.

This American-made has the reliability to stand the test of time.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Well-balanced copper ferrule hook.
  • 43-inch long.
  • Rubberized handle for secure grip.


  • Susceptible to breakage while handling larger snakes.
  • Some users might find a slight heft in its lightweight structure.

Final Thought:

This snake hook is the epitome of excellent craftsmanship. Its rugged and well-balanced design makes it beautiful and at the same time highly functional in the field.


2.   AYAMAYA Collapsible Snake Hook

AYAMAYA Collapsible Snake Hook

We picked this snake hook for its promise of not allowing anything to go wrong while stumbling across unwelcomed snakes.

Made of stainless steel, the tool is not only durable but also lighter in weight to feel comfortable in hand. Also, it’s sturdy enough to easily tackle snakes as heavy as 2-pounds in weight.

The tool can extend to a total of 39.3” (100cm), which in my opinion is a fairly safe distance to handle the terrifying species.

What gives it a wide edge over many other snake hooks is that this one can be retracted to 11-inch length. Meaning, it can be stuffed even in a pocket.

Another admirable thing is that its collapsible structure will not subject you to the unpleasant experience of the tool accidentally collapsing in the middle of a crucial snake-handling situation.

With its smooth grasping handle and duck-billed jaw you will be in a position to easily collect or move a snake to any location without hurting the exotic creature.

It isn’t a professional-grade reptile grabber but still has the strength and expertise to let you handle a snake situation heroically.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Collapsible for easy carrying.
  • Sturdy handle and well defined jaws move the snake securely without injuring it.
  • Ideal for small snakes of up to 2-pounds.


  • Not suitable for larger snakes.
  • Length is comparatively short.

Final Thought:

It is referred to as one of the best snake hooks because at an inexpensive price not only it has a well built retractable structure but also offers a comfortable grasp without feeling heavy in hand. Handling and separating smaller snakes from your property in a humanely manner will not be a problem with this snake hook.


3.  V-Cheetong Extensible Snake Hook – Best Budget Snake Hook

V-Cheetong 53 Inch Extensible Snake Hook

Placing this snake hook among the best models is mainly because this comes with everything to let you be the hero in an encounter with a snake with zero damage to yourself or the captive creature. This isn’t a misplaced trust since the tool comes with a reliable built to not accidentally break when picking a considerably larger snake, weighing up to 5.5-pounds. I really like it’s aluminum construction because it makes the tool as hard as a rock and yet keeps it lightweight to be handled conveniently.

On top of that, its telescopic tube can be extended to a length of 53-inch which is sufficient for operating from a safe distance, especially when you’re faced with poisonous snakes like rattlesnakes. I know capturing a snake can be a tricky job which requires calculated moves and things can go south in a flash if you do not have a firm grip on the tool. No such accidents will happen with this tool because its handle comes with a special sweat-absorbing sponge to offer unwavering grasp.

Lastly, the duck billed shape hook further assures that the creature is moved safely from your path without it wriggling away from the grip or getting hurt. For a price and 3-years warranty, I think it offers more than what you expected.


  • Low-costing.
  • Sturdy and lightweight.
  • Anti-skid smooth grasping handle.
  • Telescopic tube can extend 53” long reach.
  • Duck billed shape hook moves serpents in a humane manner.
  • Suitable for larger snakes.


  • Might break after prolonged use.

Final Thought:

This snake hook is a practical choice for those customers who want a solid and lightweight tool at an inexpensive price. The tool can be extended to your desirable length and will smoothly slip under any species of large snake to safely remove it from your property.


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