How to Get Rid of a Copperhead Snake? It’s Time Get Rid of it

How to Get Rid of a Copperhead SnakeDespite being less violent than all the members of the pit viper family, the sight of a Copperhead snake is terror-inducing. Its gigantic size and venom-injecting nature can make faint-hearted people like us scream like a banshee – not to mention, lose sleep for days. An expert will advise you to learn how to get rid of a copperhead snake instead of testing your vocal cords.

I totally agree with that. I have lived near Florida, and the place is a favourite nesting spot of these Copperheads. One encounter with this beefy, coppery monster compelled me to learn how to ban its entire clan from visiting my property in the future. These hacks and techniques I am about to share in the article below have brought my family peace of mind. They will do the same for you, so keep reading.

How to Get Rid of a Copperhead Snake

If you’ve witnessed a Copperhead wriggling outdoors, immediately take your kids and pets inside – your family’s safety always comes first. Afterwards, focus on getting rid of the troublemaker. Here are some tips to help DIY homeowners keep venomous critters like Copperhead snakes off their properties.

  1. Seek Expert’s Help

Many people aren’t trained to handle petrifying Copperheads, and no expert advises you to put yourself in unnecessary danger to deal with them. You should seek help from a professional exterminator or local pest control company. These are trained fellows who can quickly get the creature off your property without endangering anyone.

  1. Relocate the Invader

If you are trying to deal with a Copperhead yourself, use humane methods like snake traps and bait to capture it. You can either use a glue trap, a minnow trap or an iron cage to capture the critter. Then you can carry the entire thing to a safer place to release the creature.

You can also capture and relocate it with tongs or a snake hook. Another effective manual technique is to force it away with a powerful gust of water through a garden hose. You can also push it out with a broom.

  1. Non-Chemical Solution for Deterring Snakes

Wildlife experts, seasoned exterminators and USDA prefer non-chemical/organic methods over commercial repellents. These methods involve:

3.1. Essential Oils: I have read interviews of many citizens who have vouched for the effectiveness of essential oils for deterring snakes. USDA also approves its use. Research done by Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Centre states that extracts of cinnamon and clove (eugenol) are very effective against Copperheads. Sprinkle a concentrated solution of these close-to snake-infested areas to drive them away.

3.2. Snake Repellent Plants: The success rate of snake repellent plants is also very high. You should purchase plants like mother-in-law’s tongue, lemongrass, marigold, garlic and onion from a nearby nursery. Rows of these plants around the premises will make any species of snake think twice before trespassing.

  1. Take Away Their Food Supply

Once you have dealt with the offender snake, shift your focus on the factors that cause their visits. An abundance of food is one of the major attractions for snakes. Rats, mice, lizards, squirrels, toads, salamanders, lizards and larger bugs are favourite dishes of Copperheads. Use pesticides, rodenticides or other techniques to eradicate these pests. Snakes will migrate to food-rich lands.

  1.  Eradicate Their Harborage

Copperheads hide in stacks of firewood, yard refuse, dense shrubbery, weed and tall grass. Flat boards and piles of scrap or stones on the ground are also ideal safe havens for snakes. Therefore, always keep your greenery pruned and well-maintained. Also, keep your floors clean and uncluttered to not give them places to camouflage.

  1. Remove Water Sources

Copperheads are fish in a snake’s skin. They love water. You might find documentaries and videos of Copperheads swimming in a pond or someone’s pool. You should cover such large water bodies or pour repelling solutions around them to discourage snakes from coming closer to them.

Moreover, don’t leave your drains and septic systems unsealed. Regularly inspect your taps and faucets to repair the leakage or breakage on time.

  1. Erect a Barrier

Video clips and interviews of experts that I went through show a high success rate of snake-proof fencing or barriers. A snake-proof fence around the premises works like an impenetrable shield that snakes, including adult Copperheads, find hard to cross.

  1. Commercial Repellent Products

There are mixed reviews regarding the effectiveness of commercial repellents. However, it seems logical to exhaust all the possible methods to ban a snake’s entry. You can use chemical repellent sprays or spread granular substances nearby snake-inhabited areas to force them out. Many cases show that the snakes don’t return to treated areas.

But, be careful while purchasing commercial repellents because many of these have lethal and toxic ingredients. Try to choose those products that are eco-friendly and authorised.


It is understandable to panic when you spot a Copperhead in your house. Its venomous lineage and large size can give people nightmares for days. You can protect yourself and your family members from this traumatising experience if you know how to get rid of a Copperhead snake. Now that you have gone through all the techniques I shared above, you can conclude that it isn’t impossible to address the issue. Cut off their prime sources of entertainment to make your property unappealing for them. It’s as simple as that.

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