How to Snake Proof Your Chicken Coop?

How to Snake Proof Your Chicken CoopYou are not the only one who is in praise for the taste of chicken, someone else is also planning to relish its taste, and that one is a snake. If you like to get fresh eggs from your chickens or you just want to have lots of roosters in your backyard, it’s crucial for you to keep the coop protected.

And when you think of protection for the bird’s cage, you should know how to snake poop your chicken coop. Snakes like to eat birds, reptiles, and rodents and therefore your birds are at high risk.

If your chickens are going missing due to unexpected snake presence this article is all set to provide you with valid research about keeping chick coop safer and secured. So let’s dig deeper and see how you can keep your chicken hut free from snakes

How to Snake Proof Your Chicken Coop

Making chicken coop snake-proof is not a difficult task. And if you like to indulge in DIY projects, it would be just a cinch for you. Keep your chicken coop safe and sound with these below-mentioned simple tips!

Install bird cage fence

The best way to keep the chick coop safe from snakes is to install a fence. While fencing it from all over, make sure to keep the height and spacing of the wire mesh in mind. Also go for galvanized mesh for beer performance.

Always make sure to opt for high-quality mesh so that the wire does not bend soon after its installation. Since snakes can slither and crawl in a narrow space very easily, make sure the chicken coop is well secured by the mesh. Additionally, the holes of the mesh must not be more than 10 mm in space.

Cover the holes near the coop

Near the chicken coop area, cover up the holes and cracks on the flooring, if any. Also, hide all the spots near the cook where the snake can hide within and the ceiling and the walls should be well-repaired.

Use snake repellent

For making the chicken coop snakeroot, you can also use the efficient snake repellent formula that is safe for birds. Moreover, using home remedies such as the pungent smell of herbs would also do a wonderful job. If not, you should plant house plans that are efficient to repel snakes including cinnamon, lavender, and many more pungent-smelling bushes.

 Place the chicken coop on a solid surface

In making the chicken house snake-free, you should also be keen enough to place it. The surface made with concrete flooring or the pavement works ideal in that regard since it has no place to hide, unlike grassy ground.


If you have chickens, there would be fewer snakes due to their loud and active nature. However, when your pet roosters or chickens are encaged, the snake is all set to hunt its prey. We are hoping for the best about you keeping the bird coop well secured. However, if you have any difficulty in fencing the coop, ask for professional service, as you cannot neglect to miss out on any space in the cage.

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