Does Carbolic Acid Keep Snakes Away?

Does Carbolic Acid Keep Snakes AwaySomeone who is facing a serious snake snag would try out any possible solution that comes to mind. It can be to use a stick to shoo away or to use a dangerous acid to cause the snake to shift its way! If you are working at a remote place where using home remedies like essential oils isn’t possible for repelling snakes you need to be vigilant.

Since there are so many types of snakes and some are not venomous, the solution to repel them becomes wider and comes with the privilege of trying out different ways. Many people have claimed about using the carbolic acid for driving away snakes and that has started a debate on its productivity and if it is useful or not.

To save your time and efforts, we did the proper research and brought you the facts that many people have tested. So let’s bring the answer to light and find the truth about whether carbolic acid keeps snakes away or not?

Does Carbolic Acid Keep Snakes Away

“The fact is, everything that has a pungent smell and a burning-like feel, snakes would hate. Given that, carbolic acid falls right for repelling snakes at once.”

Sometimes the snake of fear makes us try out anything. And for carbolic acid, many house owners are parsing its performance for keeping snakes at bay!

Carbolic acid causes a burning sensation and numbness for its properties and characteristics. Since it is poisonous you need to be very cautious and protective while coming in contact with this acid. Snake smells and tastes the air through its split tongue to be precise, Jacobson’s organ. When you use carbolic acid, the taste and its smell insanely make the area uncomfortable for them and the result becomes the absence of snakes.

It is a liquid and it is made from tar. It’s also found in a few plant species and essential oils. Due to its high level of dangerous qualities, snakes fear it and that is pretty obvious why you can consider it for repelling snakes.

However, due to its dangerous and poisonous type, it is not recommended to use in the home, especially if you have pets and kids. Since carbolic acid is mainly used for making nylon, medicine, epoxy, and killing germs you can infer how highly dangerous it is for coming in contact with.

What are the precautions of using carbolic acid?

Before you actually eliminate sake and use the carbolic acid in that regard, it is necessary to repel rodents and anything that invites snakes into your place. And once you have cleared your place, rim the grass, and keep away the clutter, it’s time to use the carbolic acid.

Since carbolic acid is toxic, you need to be pretty much careful while dealing with it. Although some of the communities in Africa use this acid to paint their houses so that no snake bite incidents are observed, it is one step behind taking a fatal risk. If you don’t want to take a risk, wear protective gloves so that it does not damage your skin. You should also wear masks to prevent its fumes from inhaling.

Other ways to prevent snakes

  • You can also seal the place where you see cracks and holes. Repair your doors or install mesh so that snakes do not pass through the passage.
  • Keep away eggshells, rodents, reptiles, and insects
  • Do not place clutter and heaps of stuff such as boxes in your garage or house
  • Remove the water ditch so that it stays here. Your lawn should be clean and dry


So that was it. Today we exclusively talked about the efficiency of carbolic acid and its productivity in keeping snakes away. In short, carbolic can be used to repel snakes but its quantity and usage are something that you need to be precise about.

If you also have snakes at home you better call a professional snake catcher so that the chances of getting bitten become minimal to zero. However, it is still better to use the repellent after you have known the reason why snakes are in their place.

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