Twisted X Snake Boots Review of 2023

Twisted X Snake Boots ReviewsAdmit it; you cannot keep a snake repellent with you all the time!

And even if you do keep it in your backpack while traveling, the first thing you do after seeing a snake is to panic or yell like crazy!

Therefore, the only thing that comes as a reasonable approach is nothing but the best snake bite-proof shoes.

It is a fact that a snake would mostly like to attack and bite on your lower feet, shin, or leg area, and if you haven’t already worn reliable boots for fighting against snake venom, there are fewer chances of you making it when it comes to being alive!

For those users who spend most of their time outdoors, feet and leg protection comes highlighted.

Now when there is no shortage of footwear and shoes out there, it is more difficult to come up with a premium quality snake-proof shoe that values the price as well.

However, after much research and dozens of shoe testing, we finally selected this Twisted X Men’s 17″ Viperguard Snake Boot that not only looks classy but also performs exceptionally well.

What Makes Twisted X Snake Boots Outstand Others?

This is an imported show with a slip-resistant outsole. It’s a tough show and the suave and subtle upper with brown colors casts every bit of an exquisite impression for pro hikers.

One thing that makes this Twisted x snake boot standout is its powerful outsole for greater stability. Moreover, the modish look also casts a quality impression. The slip-resistant outsole means you can run and walk in different terrain without any falling incidents. Additionally, the robust material choice is another quality factor that makes its value even more reliable.

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Twisted X Snake Boots Review

This shoe for its sought-after quality and imported material has been liked by many hunters. The shaft of this boot measures about 17″ from the arch and it works well for shin and lower leg protection.

As for the texture and upper choices, this boot comes with optimal and pretty much comfortable, full-grain leather with the Twisted X Viperguard material for maximized snake bite protection. This boot is efficient enough when you talk about the absorbing snake fang without letting you face the consequences.

Also, this boot has been featured with the toe cap and heel kick for even more safety against snakes and their venomous bite. The slip-resistant outsole works wonderfully well for oil and other greasy grounds with enhanced grip. Its high-quality leather choice makes it a great choice for added robust comfort.

Usually, boots are not as comfortable as sneakers, however, this Twisted x snake boot readily proves that wrong and offers you a comfortable and softer interior design. Also, its air-mesh with fuller ventilation makes the feet healthy especially in summers. There is less possibility of your feet getting any infection due to sweat or germs build-up.

Removable Footbed

Also, its removable footbed with moist-wicking properties is there. With air ventilation and sweat absorbent liner, you have no reason to doubt its performance on hotter days. This boot is an ideal choice for wearing all day long while keeping your feet cool and dry! You can certainly machine wash the footbed and also purchase the new one if you want. That gives you the freedom to keep your feet health highlighted.

Slip-resistant Outsole

For hiking boots, precise traction and best grip need to be ensured. The maximized slip resistance is another quality factor that is noteworthy. If you have to run a lot, its oil and slip-resistant outsole would help you for sure. This boot works well for grounds, sleek floors, and rough terrain equally well which is amazing. The outsole is the perfect parameter for delivering you the most controlled traction on smooth to sleek surfaces and this makes it a great hiking boot choice.

Merino wool

Unlike many regular snake bite-proof boots, this twisted x boot comes with the renewable and premium quality woo that keeps the snug-fitting and comfort highlighted. What makes it noticeable to mention here, is its odor-resistant property which is amazing. Also, the softer feel to the feet and the natural temperature management is there. The wool never lets your feet experience extreme temperature and also efficiently wicks the sweat.


  • Oil and slip-resistant outsole for better grip on different terrain
  • Air mesh keep up air regulation and keeps off germs buildup
  • Removable monist-wicking footbed
  • Featured with softer wool with odor-resistant property
  • All day-long comfort and snug fitting


  • It feels somewhat tight at the toe area; not good for wider feet
  • The upper is not waterproof
  • Its instep is a little confined

Why Should You Buy Twisted X Snake Boots?

You can say that twisted snake x is a feature-rich boot. Not only have you enhanced snake bite protection, but it also keeps you feeling ultra-comfort all day long.

This boot comes with the unique Viperguard technology that works well for snakes and other wild creatures’ venom when it comes to your leg’s safety. This technology comes with added safety.

Moreover, if you are searching for footwear that comes with moist-wicking properties and the most exquisite style, this boot would not let your expectations down. With its cell stretch technology, this boot works to minimize the pressure and annoying stray from the feet toe and heel area and that helps when you have to walk a lot or when you’re climbing.


For the real-time experience of comfort, we should opt for this twisted x snake boot. We have found its quality, style and comfort pretty much professional-grade and assure you of its reliable performance for walking and running on different terrain.

What makes this shoe the best bet to opt for is its ultra-slip-resistant outsole. Moreover, the leather upper is quite thick to fight against the snake venom for sure. In a nutshell, this is a stylish and highly functional boot that you can consider for hiking, hunting, warehouse working, and more.

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