Can Snakes Enter a House through the Toilet?

Can Snakes Enter a House through the ToiletThey say in this world, there is no place to find peace, and it seems like a truth even for toilets. Something that is a rare case does not mean it can’t happen to you. That is why today we will talk in particular about whether snakes can enter a house through the toilet!

No matter what group you belong to; if you see a snake, the kind of frightening feeling is always there. And for a place like a toilet, where the eye can never imagine a snake, is something that you should be concerned about now. Although snakes like to be in wet and dark places, a toilet sounds pretty odd!

Is it even possible that a snake can enter your house through the sewerage system or the toilet? While there are many people believing this but a larger chunk of people still don’t seem to agree with this fact. So let’s find out the truth and read this post. Here you go!

Can Snakes Enter a House through the Toilet?

Since they are excellent crawlers and can slide into narrow pipes and cracks, it is possible that a snake can enter your house through a toilet. For the snake to enter your house, it would need to enter the sewerage pipe for sure.

However, the best part is that it is not common for snakes to enter your house through the toilet, especially in Australia. Snakes can swim; still, a toilet is not the best place to use as a medium to enter your house. Moreover, snakes can also hold their breath for longer times which makes them ideal for being in water or swimming.

However, since every dark could have a silver lining, this also has another side of the picture! There are very minimal chances of you catching up or seeing a snake in the toilet that is why when there is such an incident, it makes headlines and catches people’s attention instantly.

Why can a snake crawl in the toilet?

Preferably snakes won’t be in the toilets and sewerage system; they like to be in the bush and forest. However, if there are not enough parks or busy areas around it can swim into the toilet.

Due to the damp, cool, and dark area, a snake can be there and there is not any other reason for a snake to be there. There can also be some odd reasons such as a snake was stuck in a sewerage pipeline and now it’s finding its way out and going through the toilet is the only option.

Snakes can also be in the toilet due to the plumbing design and its manufacturing approach. The toilet is often linked to the vent stack that goes from the roof to the main sewage covering before it gets to the soil.

What do you need to do if you see a snake in the toilet?

While crying or making noise isn’t the best deal when you see a snake, if you still get a little loud it is alright. So when you see a snake coming from the toilet, you need to keep your senses working sanely. First of all, you should shut off the toilet lid so that the snake can immediately turn back and leave the ideal for coming furthermore.

If you are thinking of flushing the snake away, it most certainly won’t bring positive results since the snake will keep hanging here where it is. Therefore, after you have closed the toilet lid, you need to call a professional snake catcher for the best snake removal.


You will not see a snake entering your house through the toilet in the most obvious cases. However, if we talk about unusual incidents, they can happen. If you see a snake in your toilet and do not know if it’s a venomous one or a non-venomous one, you should not try to remove it. The appropriate way should be to call a professional service. Also, use the best snake repellents to keep off furthermore snakes from coming into your house through any means. The only good news you have is the rarity of snakes ending up in toilets!

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