How to Get Rid Of Snake in Toilet?

How Get Rid Of Snake in ToiletSince life is full of unpredictable events, you can never be sure if you can see snakes in your life or not. Snakes are not only dangerous but they also bring horror to everyone, be it a child or an adult. But when you are in a toilet and see a snake the level of panic certainly has no word to describe. In a place like a toilet where you wouldn’t allow anybody, being accompanied by a snake doesn’t seem like a bearable thing.

Although the chances of a snake coming through a toilet are low, they are never zero.  And if you are somehow the one unlucky person who encounters a snake in a bathroom, you can be the lucky one scot-free if you are reading this article.

So let’s zero in on the matter and find out what to do if you see a snake in the toilet and how can you get rid of it without being bitten. Let’s find out.

How to Get Rid Of Snake in Toilet

If you see a snake in our toilet, there are plenty of ways to get rid of it. However, if you are seeing it for the first time near you it’s quite obvious for you to lose your senses. Therefore, the first piece of advice would be don’t panic and make sure to maintain a safe distance from the snake. For immediate safety, you need to leave the toilet and keep the door shut so that it won’t hide somewhere in your house. However, if you talk about getting rid of furthermore snakes making their way from the toilet in our house; here are a few tips that should help you out!

Incorporating ventilation vents

For getting rid of the snake in the toilet, checking the drain and septic system is the first important thing. For that, you should consider installing the snake grill by calling the technician for sure. Adding the well-made mesh or net would prevent reptiles, lizards, and snakes from coming onto your toilets.

Keep off snake attraction

Usually, snakes would follow or make their way into your house to hunt and pray. And if you have pets or birds in your home, a snake would surely try to crawl into your place for hunting. So, make sure there is no pet food and reptiles in your home, especially near the toilet area. Keep him checked regularly and make sure there are no bird nests around.

Moreover, the walls and flooring should not feature fissures, cracks, and any other reeks that can invite sneak to settle within the cracks. Snakes like to be in holes and narrow places so that nobody can disturb/spot them. If your flooring or ceiling needs repair, do it on an immediate basis.

Clean the drainage

Snakes and reptiles would like to be in their environment. Therefore, you should keep the drainage well-cleaned and keep the proper check on its water flow. Keep the water drain clean and that is perhaps the most simplified way to get rid of snakes.

Using homemade is ad tricks

Using cinnamon garlic or clove oil will keep snakes and many other reptiles. Since common has its definitive smell that does not go well for snakes you can use its smell to prevent snakes without spending thousands on expensive snake repellents. Besides, it’s a quick home remedy in case you want to get rid of the snake in the toilet on an immediate basis.

Also putting caustic soda inside the toilet will keep the snake from appearing furthermore. You can also use kerosene mixed with water, sulfur powder, and Engine oil and pour it onto the area where you are seeing snakes in your toilet.


If you see a snake in your old, it would be nothing but a rare case. But if you see them regularly and want to get rid of them, first you should remove anything that is attracting them in any way. Also, the area where you are residing must not be notorious as being snake abundance. One thing to keep in mind is that you should always wear snake bite-proof boots and gloves if you have no professional service to remove the snake.

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