How Do Baby Snakes Get In Your House

How Do Baby Snakes Get In Your HouseIf you have fear of snakes and reptiles, you will always keep an eye on their incoming into your home. That said, your anticipation will probably be remaining to the giants and longer snakes that can crawl into your house. However, sometimes, you miss out on keeping an eye on the baby snakes and they grow up to become adult snakes later on.

Therefore, it’s important to know how baby snakes get in your house. If you see snakes in your house while you have cleared your home from reptiles, chances are a baby snake was resting in your house. So let’s find out how a baby snake can get into your house.

How Do Baby Snakes Get In Your House

Snakes can crawl into your house by any means. Usually, if you have reptiles and rodents there are greater chances of attracting snakes in your house. Since snakes have exceptional qualities in crawling and fitting themselves within cracks they can hide in your house at some corner.

And since baby snakes can be found in your house because they are born there. Snakes like to be in cracks and gaps and if you have not gotten rid of them in a timely manner, they may produce more snakes and that is why you are seeing baby snakes in your house. In simpler words, if you have a female snake in your house, somewhere in cracks or racks, it most certainly has laid her eggs in your home and that is why you are seeing baby snakes.

Are there more snakes at home?

If you see a baby snake in your house, the first thing you need to calm down about is that the snake’s mother is no longer there.

Unlike many other reptiles, animals, or birds, the snake mother leaves its baby soon after their birth and does not accompany them anymore. However, there is still a possibility of more snakes. Since snakes are not born alone, rather they are born in groups. So the answer is yes, there can be more snakes in your house, yard, room, etc if you see one baby snake.

If you are wondering about where these snakes were born you need to look for their nest and it can be somewhere under the pile of loose sand/soil, and any other place where a snake can possibly be.

Is there any way to keep snakes off?

For keeping off snakes, you should keep everything away that can attract the snake in any way. To keep baby snakes out you should use snake repellent formulation, so a net of sticks that is long enough to carry snakes, and also you can call the professional service if there are quite many in counting.

Snakes do not like humans’ houses and that is why they may not stay in your house as a rule of thumb. That said, snakes like to stay in cool, dark, and damp environments if you have a home that is being constructed, snakes can be there for obvious reasons. For that, you need to be careful about basements, and other such damp places.

How to know if you have snakes at home

To find the snake and inspect its presence sometimes comes the most challenging, especially if you don’t know about snakes already. However, the following are some common ways to know if you have a snake at home or not

  •         Snakes shed their skin about 4 to 12 times, on an annual basis so if you see its skin, it could mean there are sakes or just one.
  •         Although snake dropping looks similar to bird droppings if you look closely, you will find out.
  •         Slithering trace is another common way to know if you have a snake in the home. Mostly if your lawn is muddy or dusty, you will know the crawling traces.


If you see a baby snake at home, there is less chance of you getting bitten by its venom. However, that does not mean you should not be careful. Since snakes are pretty wise to hide, you cannot let them go or miss out on the move.

The moment you find a snake in the house, make sure to remove it and keep the area well-checked, especially by a professional service. Finding a snake in the house is normal, and it is there by mistake.


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