How to Snake Proof a Gate? Stop Snake Entry at Doorstep

How to Snake Proof a GateLike everyone, snakes and reptiles would come into our house from the formal entry i.e. gate! Although these reptiles would preferably hide in cracks and fissures yet if your doors and gates are not properly repaired, things become instantly adverse.

Therefore, the wisest and most authentic way to repel a snake becomes how to snake-proof a gate. Usually, when you see or hear of a snake bite incident, it’s because of the poor safety and neglected areas from where a snake can make its way.

After that, you need to keep using the best snake repelling and pesticide control formulation that further maintains efficiency. If you are renovating your house or making it modish, neglecting the safety measures such as installing snake-proof mesh on your gate would not do well.

How to Snake Proof a Gate

If you know that snakes like to be in cool, dark places, you will surely run to seal every corner of your house that is demanding a repair! When it comes to snake proofing, there are so many things that you count, for instance, your yard, and chicken coop, but you cannot neglect the most obvious entrance, a gate! If you are annoyed by snakes even after using snake repellents, making your gate snake-proof would be the only best option. So here is how you snake-proof your gate!

Removing gaps and cracks

Snake-proofing always means sealing out the entries where the snake finds its way into the house. For the door, you need to repair it if it needs any repairing work. Moreover, seal the door with door sweeps and use garage door threshold weather strips. You can also use caulking or expansion foam sealant to seal cracks or gaps in walls.


When you choose the fence make sure it is not only high-quality in its performance but also galvanized in nature to fight against corrosion and rust. For gates, rattlesnake fences work the best. For making your gate snake-proof, you need to first measure how much fence you require to capture the area of the gate. Also, keep in mind to secure the corner perfectly. Preferably you need a professional or the best knowledge for installing the fence on the gate.

If you especially want to get rid of rattlesnakes you need to ensure there are no gaps larger than 1/4” inches so that the snake does not pass.

There is not a complex method to install the fence on your gate, but first, you need to make sure there are no rodents that are attracting snakes in the first place. When you choose the mesh, it never leaves a gap as the snake can easily fit into corners and hence you may see a snake even after installing the fence.

Choose the height and depth of the fence rightfully

As mentioned above, you need to make sure the gaps and wire spacing are narrow enough that prevent sales to pass through. Likewise, while you are snake-proofing the gate, measure the mesh height which is the most basic parameter of all. The depth and height of door fencing are what define its repellent approach for value snakes including baby snakes. For an ideal solution, install a fence that is 30 inches from the ground


If you are wondering about installing a fence in our house, especially for repelling snakes, it’s important to take care of the gaps and spacing parameters. However, it is best if you keep an eye on rodents and animals that snakes like to hunt so that you can minimize snake entry in the first place. If nothing is working for you can surely lean on electric fencing that is most suitable for repelling snakes.

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