How to Snake Proof a House? So, Snake Never Think of Entering

How to Snake Proof a HouseWe all consider our house the safest place in the world! It’s where you have peace and pupilage as you want. But if they haven’t made it snake-proof, things become doubtful and uncertain. No, when you have heard stories about snakes making their way through toilets, it becomes crucial to keep your house highly secure from every point of view.

But the question is still the same; how to snake-proof a house that guarantees safety? For house snake proofing there are multiple ways you can opt for, and that is certainly freedom to choose which one you pick that suits you the most.

However, if you talk about the few common ones, it would certainly be calling the snake catcher so that you get professional service. So let’s look closely at how you can keep your house snake free!

How to Snake Proof a House?

The interesting part of keeping snakes away from your house is that you have a wider gamut to choose the way. Moreover, the tricks are pretty simple to practice. Here is what you need to do to keep venomous and non-venomous snakes away.

Limit rodents

Snakes follow reptiles, and this following may lead them anywhere it sees a reptile. Remove rodents if you see a lot of rodents and animals including mice, moles, rabbits, and other farm animals you need to restrict their access to your house. Snakes are ideal for hunting their prey and they can smell mice ice miles away. So make sure your lawn or backyard does not have moles and it’s a way to keep off snakes

Fill up holes and repair cracks

If you don’t see any snake in your house it may not mean it is not there. Since snakes can hide in tight spots and cracks you need to fill up the pits and holes in your backyard and anywhere you see them. Also make sure to repair your house flooring, basement areas, walls, kitchen sink, and anywhere you see repairing work.

Carefully cover up all the holes and roof areas, even if you are less likely to see a snake crawling onto the rooftop. If you cannot keep the doors closed, you need to consider windows as well for blocking holes. When it comes to holes, you need to block each and every hole in your house from the ceiling to the stairs!

Keep the lawn spacious

Another tip for making your house snake-proof is to keep the lawn low in height. For that make sure the grass is well-trimmed and short. Also never place the haps of stuff such as pebbles bushes, boxes, and any other thing that can make a place for snakes to hide. You need to keep the ground-level lawn ensured.

Additionally, you need to keep away the wood piles and log if you prefer to work on DIY projects. Since wood piles attract reptiles and rodents therefore you have to be careful about where you would place such stuff.

Install mesh fence

Keeping your doors secured for snake prevention is an ideal way. When you are making your house snake-proof, it would be perfect if you opt to mesh fencing to capture doors and on chicken coops. You can also opt for electric fencing for surrounding your territory or area. The fence needs to be of high quality and that will certainly bring out the quality results.

Keep away junk and food leftover

Snakes also follow food smell and its particles. Therefore you should not place the food and its leftovers openly. Make sure you have fully removed the food afar you are done eating and never scatter its particles to invite insects and reptiles in any way. Food sank is what snakes prefer.

Keep your lawn dry

Never let water stand on your lawn or backyard. After rain or after you water the plants you should make sure the area is dry. The fact is, standing water leaves a cooling sensation and hence snakes may prefer to stay there for hours.

Using snake repellants

There are high-quality and powerful snake repellent formulations that will help you to keep off snakes and many other reptiles including moles. For making the house snake-proof using snake repelling is ideal even if you have installed the mesh or fence

For tight spots, use spray, and if you are concerned about the smell you can choose the essential oils that are pungent for snakes and fragrance for you! Also, you can choose the solar snake repellents for snake removal and they also work best even in rain.

Lessen the shrubbery and plant snake repellent plans

Plants with a pungent smell would repel snakes and work as a 24/7 natural snake repellent. For that, you should opt for planning the type of shrubbery that is high and provide all leafy bush so that snakes do not hide within. Also, make sure there is no leaf litter in your lawn or backyard at al. Leaf clutter is all about insects, rodents, and pests, and hence snakes become unwanted guests! You can also plant cinnamon, cedarwood, lavender, and other plants with a pervasive aroma that keeps snakes away.


In this article, we have taken a look at how you can make your house snake-proof? We hope these methods will prove to be helpful for you and most likely you are already using these methods for avoiding snakes.

Also if you have birds, coops, and cages, make sure they are secured and we-danced so that snakes do not go hunting by any means. Snakes do not usually prefer to go into a human’s house for nothing. If you have rodents or a shady area, it would certainly attract them.

So you see, there are diverse ways to make your house snake for a zone, if you are not finding one tip useful, try another, and if none of the tips are helping you need to move somewhere with a lesser snake company!

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