Thorogood Snake Boots Review of 2023

Thorogood Snake Boots ReviewsYou preferably shop for chic and stylish boots to wear on formal occasions, but there are chances you are lacking the best snake boot in your footwear range!

The fact is, having a quality snake bite-proof shoe is much compulsory when you are into hiking or working at some risky places.

You never know when a snake can creep in and bite you with all of its venomous poison. So you cannot stake you and feet are the things that are prone to get attacked.

Usually, snake boots are hefty and come with powerful material on them that ensures safety and protection in the first place.

So today we have bought you the Thorogood snake boot and we shall review its insight without neglecting any of the parameters.

Shoe buying isn’t as easy as it seems to be. If you want to ace the purchase, knowing about the footwear brand and its major features prior to buying can save you from replacing it and wasting your money! Now that you have landed on this page, let’s not waste any more time and get down to the comprehensive review!

What Makes Thorogood Snake Boots Outstand Others?

This men’s zipper boot with its spectacular yet sober design looks outstanding in its own way. Thorogood Snake Boots is a highly preferred choice for professional hikers and for those who go hunting often. The imported material choice and the best performance on the rugged ground make it a reliable buying when you compare it with ordinary shoes.

Its enhanced snake protection has been tested and with the positive result, we bet you will find it satisfying under various snake encounters. However, you should never provoke snakes. This boot has been designed with 12 inches of height and that is a possible height where snakes can attack. Overall what makes it outstanding among others is its easy zipper style, powerful material against snake bites, and the quality that matters!

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Thorogood Snake Boots Review

This men’s boot features stylish brown imported uppers. The uppers and the material are 50% leather and 50% Cordura. This makes sure breathability and proper ventilation under sweating of hiking temperature range.

Furthermore, its gripping rubber outsole has been observed to work on smooth to the rough ground with maximized grip and controlled friction. You get a flexible, faster, and balanced walk wearing this boot. As for its shaft, it measures 17.75″ from the arch, and the boot opening measures approximately 18’’.

What more you get from this snake-proof show is its water-repellent property. No matter if it’s down pouring, drizzling or you have to stand in water, the shoe will keep you safe from both snake bites and wet feet!

Now let’s have a look at its performance. With a dual-density polyurethane footbed, you receive comfortable and resilient walking throughout your wearing time. Moreover, you can also replace it since the footbeds are removable.

Its quality Z-Trac rubber outsole and the SnakeGuard Extreme protection are there that will fulfill the purpose of this boot. Through the zipper closure, you further get the easier wearing and getting off approach which makes it an ergonomic shoe that always works the best.

Removable Footbed

Its soft and high-quality footbed is best for its replaceable parameter. That readily prevents sweat build-up and you can replace it anytime. The hygienic factor makes the under. If you prefer to walk and hike a lot, its removable insole would surely provide you with the best interior and foot health and cut back the feet’ smell and other infectious elements that have an adverse effect.

Gripping Outsole

When you are hiking or walking on rough terrain the show grip becomes the ultimate factor that you need the most! Thankfully, the Thorogood boot is efficient enough to give you unmatched grip due to the powerful rubber outsole; the slip-resistance factor further adds to the quality.

Comfortable on feet

When you have to walk a lot, the EVA midsole of this boot would take care of strain and give you the most comfortable feel. It’s embedded with enough cushioning and liners that would make sure cozy warmth without making your feet too sweaty.

This show may feel a little bit stiff on your feet if you have sensitive feet or you are not used to wearing shoes for too long. However, the insole, cushioning, soft upper and the interior would make sure not to hurt or cause abrasion on your smooth skin.

The plush feel and the quality footbed would also save your feet from extreme weather, especially winters. And with enough prevention, you have the privilege to jump and run with the best experience.


  • Ultra-durable and long-lasting.
  • Contoured design with adjustable buckle closures helps one snap them in place easily and quickly.
  • Comfortable and noiseless.
  • Guard against fangs and thorns from ankle to just below the knee.
  • Do not hinder your brisk stride due to lighter weight.
  • Inexpensive. 


  • They do not reach the knee.
  • Available only in two regular sizes.

Why Should You Buy Thorogood Snake Boots?

This is a snake bite-proof show but due to its comfort and style, you can certainly consider it for jogging and hiking. The powerful grip factor is the highlighted reason why you would like to purchase this Thorogood snake boot.

It is the perfect men’s footwear under the price and the comfort for feet is guaranteed. The Z-Trac rubber outsole, waterproof uppers, and the removable dual-density polyurethane work well and let out the best result for walking, running, and jogging in a protected approach.


There are so many boots and so many reviews. However, you will certainly find this honest review helpful when you buy this snake bite-proof shoe by Thorogood. We took an in-depth analysis and made sure to bring in the real information.

In our recommendation, this boot is sober and would work best for hikers and hunters. Keeping its tough and sturdy built-in mind you can certainly lean on its performance for outdoor activity. Plus it’s comfortable and obviously, it can handle the venomous snake bite!

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