Does mothballs keep snakes away?- A Myth or Does it Really Work?

Does mothballs keep snakes awayYou might be surprised to know the fact that snakes are usually shy animals who do not want to have trouble with people.

Considering their benefits, they do well in cleaning out slugs, mice, insects, grubs, and other pests.

As they hunt small insects, they can also become food sources for other wildlife such as hawks.

As some snakes are sometimes very dangerous, It might not be a good idea to handle them if you are uncertain about their type.

So, If you have no idea about the type of snake you are dealing with, deal with them while keeping in your mind that the snake might be venomous.

Keep children and pets away and avoid handling them on your own. Snakes often bite when harassed.

Though most species of snakes in the world are harmless, there are some venomous snakes types that can pose serious risks to pets and humans.

The smart way of dealing with snakes is by acquiring the information that would help you find ways to keep snakes away without any unnecessary risks.

Do mothballs repel and keep snakes away? Myth Debunked!

There are multiple ways through which you can easily repel snakes from your house yard or garden, but mothballs are just not one of them. It’s nothing but a myth that has been confusing people for years. Without any proper research and experiment, people just have spread rumors, the reality is that the use of mothballs can harm other animals but not snakes.

Due to a lack of correct knowledge, still many people use mothballs around their homes to keep snakes away. Recent studies have clearly shown that mothballs are just not effective for this purpose.

Mothballs as a snake repellent is an old wives’ tale that just would not go away. if you sprinkle them under or around a house, it can increase the likelihood that a pet or a child will find them and eat them. The problem is that they look quite similar to candy to young children. The toxic vapours can also seep up into the living spaces, causing sickness to all the people inside.

How mothballs can be dangerous?

You would see two types of mothballs on the market. Do not confuse them with their appearance as they look identical. They are different from each other, some are made with paradichlorobenzene while others are made with the chemical naphthalene. Plus, both chemicals turn into gas when exposed to air and as a result, cause a strong mothball smell. Surprisingly, Naphthalene is the more toxic of the two chemicals.

The mothballs fumes can cause dizziness, headache, and irritation to the lungs and eyes. If anyone swallows it accidentally, naphthalene can cause hemolytic anaemia. In medical terms, this causes red blood cells to break apart and fails to carry oxygen to all parts of the body. Common symptoms may include shortness of breath, fatigue, and painful urination.

An overview of some safe snake repellents

Ortho Snake-B-Gon

These granules from Ortho deliver long-lasting protection against snakes. They also prevent snakes from nesting, entering, and foraging. There is no-stink formula added into it as they are created with essential oils. The best thing is that granules are safe for pets, humans, and plants when used to repel snakes.

Furthermore, they are also rain resistant and only reapplied every thirty days. It’s the most appropriate way of dealing with snakes without any risks or threats involved. They are ready-to-use and cover an area of approximately 1,440 square feet.

Victor VP364B

The best thing about these granules is that they are EPA-registered granules that effectively repel both venomous and non-venomous snakes. Granules from Victor are considered excellent for protecting the house no matter what part of the world you live in. You just need to apply these to the perimeter of the area you want to protect, the packet can easily cover up to five acres of land.

Please note that you will need to reapply granules every two to three months. These granules contain sulfur (28%) naphthalene (7%) and are quite effective in temporarily disrupting the snake sensory reception. unlike mothballs, they are safe for pets, people, and plants.

Safer brand 5951

These are also some of the best snake repellent granules from Safer Brand. Made with a long-lasting formula and are only activated upon application. unlike other harmful chemicals, they are chemical-free and a unique blend of natural oils and sulfur is used in it. These granules are very successful in repelling snakes without harming your pets, garden or family.

Plus, their cedar oil smell is amazing, different from repellents that really stink your property out.

These granules could be used to repel all different types of snakes. The bag is very easy and simple to use, just shake it well to apply and re-seal when finished.

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