How to Keep Snakes Away When Sleeping On the Ground

How Keep Snakes Away When Sleeping On the GroundSnakes can be very dangerous to deal with especially if you do not know the safety protection or the Snake Repellents at hand. If you are going out or spending time somewhere where there are not many facilities around, you have to compromise on many things. And one such thing is sleeping on the ground!

Therefore, the only approach for you to adopt is to know how to keep snakes away when sleeping on the ground. So if you have no way but to spend the night on the ground, it’s better to be watchful of snakes and reptiles.

However, in this article, we shall only talk about how you can stay safe and keep off snakes while you are on the ground! Let’s find out.

How to Keep Snakes Away When Sleeping On the Ground

Snakes can be venomous or non-venomous. However, as a wise person, you should always stay back and maintain a reasonable distance regardless of their poisonous approach. Foes of all we recommend you have the best Snake Repellents for your safety in the first place if you are in a place where snakes can be anywhere! However, if that is not possible there are other ways we can trick snakes. And if you are sleeping on the ground, here are a few tips that would help you in keeping snakes away.

Select the sleeping area wisely

One of the best ways to keep snakes while you sleep on the ground is to choose the ground. For that, you should avoid sleeping near rock piles, bedrock, or outcrops. There are more chances of snakes near these areas. Moreover, if there are lots of bush, swamp and watery areas you should not stay there.

Smells that snakes don’t like

Many people don’t like the smell of garlic or onion. The same goes for snakes too. However, if you are sleeping on the ground the best way to keep them off is to smoke cinnamon, cloves, onions, garlic, and lime because the smell of these herbs keeps away snakes and many other reptiles for sure. If you don’t have these veggies or herbs around you can also use the spray that features the smell of either of the plants. You have to compromise on your perfume, but it’s good when you want to stay alive!

Keep your food well-secured

If a snake is hungry it would most likely search for it everywhere. So if you are sleeping on the ground you should always keep your food, especially meat well-placed and fully secured. Although snakes do not like what humans eat such as burgers, juice, pizza, etc. many kinds of rodents and other reptiles might. And to follow and hunt those reptiles, there are chances that a snake may end up coming towards you while you are sleeping on the ground. So keep food in a tight container.

Don’t make a mess

If you make a mess and place the trash everywhere, it would invite rodents and a snake may also find it the best place to hide. Therefore, keep the area cleaned and make sure you can easily spot every spot of the area where you are planning to sleep.


Keeping snakes away shave multiple throes, tips, tricks, and myths. However, in this post, we have only included those approved points that would help you in keeping snakes away while you sleep on the ground. However, one recommendation is that you should always choose a rather high spot to sleep rather than on the ground.

This will ensure cleanliness and also snakes would avoid coming near you. This is because your dedicated mat has a smell that is different from rocks, bush, and other plants so, rodents would preferably turn back. Just a tip!


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