How to Get a Snake Out of a Wall

How to Get a Snake Out of a WallGetting a snake out of a wall is one of the most hectic, tantamount to burdensome, tasks that I had faced when we shifted our house from New Jersey to Florida.

Removing a snake from a wall requires not only vigorous mental but robust physical abilities also. You should take some extra precaution while doing this herculean task.

Literally, I was fed up and looking for remedial strategies to tackle this issue. After a lot of searching, I found Mr. Roosevelt, my neighbor and a professional snake hunter.

Mr. Roosevelt is living in the adjoining of our house. He is an expert snake hunter and has been hunting for thirty years; therefore, I asked him a few questions regarding snake removal and one of them is how to get a snake out of a wall.

He guided me in an excellent manner and wholeheartedly. Consequently, I got rid of snakes in our house. I pledged to him I would share all the requisite information to all of those who are facing this issue.

His strategy comprised five different ways to get a snake out of a wall. I tried my best to give detail of each and every aspect so that you may manage it on your own.


Five Ways to Get a Snake Out of a Wall

There are hundreds of ways to get rid of a snake from the wall, but I have mentioned below five effective ways to get a snake out of a wall. You can say that these are the nultshel of Mr. Roosevelt’s  life and the detail is below;


  • Using a Snake Cage

Mostly snake hunters use snake cages to catch the snakes from the wall. Mr. Roosevelt has been using this method for more than ten year. However, it is costly and the owner has to bear a huge expense to buy a snake cage.

A snake cage is made of a steel hole and heating mat at the bottom. This type of cage seems like a hole to the targeted snake and. A snake cage is usually placed near the wall; so, a snake, hanging on the wall, enters into the cage thinking it as its home and the hunter captures it.


Features of a Good Snake Cage

Undoubtedly, picking a good snake is one of the toughest tasks. The buyer has to take some extra care to pick the right snake cage. Some of the features that I have explored while picking a snake cage for my house are given below;


  • Kids and Pet Friendly

The snake cage must be kid and pet friendly. It means that it has been made in such a manner that it would harm any adolescent child and domestic pet.


  • Weather Proof

The selected cage should be weatherproof. The intensity of the weather does not impact the working of a snake cage. The material of the cage should be managed in a tremendous way.


  • Durable Material

The snake cage should be made of some good material so that it may bear the weight as well as force that the snake exerted while assuming himself in a difficult situation.


  • Snake Removal Agency

The snake cage must be made by a snake remover agency. The  snake removal agency is fraught with techniques and strategies that are used to capture the snake out of a wall; so, it is recommended to buy the cage from the concerned agency.


  • Placing Favorite Food

Owners use this method to get a snake out of the wall from theri house. This method is widely used owing to their low financial value. Snakes love to eat their favorite food as every creation is this world, and ultimately they leave the wall. Snakes swallow their food whole

Interestingly, Mr. Roosevelt gave a comprehensive overview on snake’s favorite food. Snakes’ foods have been categorized into three types as discussed below;


  • Warm-blooded Prey

Some snakes love to eat warm-blooded prey. It includes small size birds and animals. The list as below;

  1. Rodents
  2. Rabbits
  3. Birds
  4. Mice
  5. Rats
  6. Gerbils
  7. Hamsters


  • Insects and Amphibian

Some of the snakes eat species of insects and amphibians. The list of them is given below;

  1. Frogs
  2. Toads
  3. And their eggs.
  4. All small insects


  • Reptiles and other species

Some snakes love to eat reptiles and other species. The detail is as below;

  1. Fish
  2. Earthworms
  3. Slugs


  • Placing Repellants

Repellants are those items that compel the snakes to leave the wall. This method is widely used to get rid of snakes. In this method, a repellant is placed near the wall and the snake leaves due to unfavorable circumstances.


There are two types of snakes’ repellents: Natural and Artificial. The details are underneath.


  • Natural Repellants

Natural Repellents are those ones which are naturally available. In suburban as well as urban areas, people use natural repellents to get rid of snakes. Snakes see the door when they across them. Some of the important ones are as below;

  1. Garlic
  2. Garigold
  3. Lemongrass


  • Artificial Repellants

Artificial Repellents are made by amalgamation of different materials. Mostly, snake removal companies make them for quick results. Some of the famous artificial repellents are given below;

  1. Eugenic
  2. Cinnamon oil
  3. Clove oil


  • Using Predators

Predators are also used to not only awake but displace also. The reason is that predators are enemies of the snakes. The snakes swifty move while having them in their place. Some of the famous predators are given below;

  1. Birds
  2. Mongooses
  3. Wild boars
  4. Foxes
  5. Raccoons
  6. Coyotes
  7. Cats
  8. Turkeys
  9. Pigs
  10. Guinea hens


  • Using Heating Source

Snakes don’t have the natural ability to move their body. They need some external heat sources to manage their body temperature.

The snakes don’t come out from their place in winter because the temperature inside their body is more than that of outside; so, they move when they feel hot outside.

Top five best heating sources for snake have been listed below;

  1. Heating pad
  2. Radiant heat panel
  3. Heat lamps
  4. Electric blanket
  5. Regular desk lamp


Final Remarks

Getting a snake out of a wall requires special attention. I have listed the best five ways with all the nitty gritty to get a snake out of a wall after having a long lasting conversation with a professional snake removalist .

Thanks and have a snake free day!

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