Signs of Snakes in Your Yard – Don’t Miss or Ignore these Signs

Signs of Snakes in Your YardThe unexpected sight of a snake in a yard can evoke fear like nothing else. It’s more concerning when you have got children and pets around. You can take action to shun the unwelcoming reptile only after its presence is confirmed.

It’s not like a snake will shout, “Hey, I am here”, to let you know of its presence. It stays out of sight as much as possible. However, there are signs that indicate snakes have been living in your yard for some time. Wait, why are they in your yard in the first place. The answer is simple. They find it attractive because it offers them shelter, security and food.

Below you will find the signs that suggest snake activity in your yard and how to get rid of them.

Favourite Spots of Snakes in Your Yard

You need to figure out what’s in your yard that appeals to the snakes. So much so that they decided to take up permanent residence there. Three things matter to the snakes the most when they consider a place suitable for living: a steady supply of food, a comfortable living environment and safety.

If your yard matches their requirement, snakes will find it suitable for living. Look for the following factors in your yard.

  • Burrows & Holes

Snakes love to hide in burrows and holes created by other animals, such as moles and rabbits. One, they are excellent hiding spots; two, they often find something to hunt in there to feed themselves.

Wall cavities around the perimeter or in your loft are also prime shelter locations for snakes. Again, because they are warm and rodents prefer to reside there. So, shelter and food together for snakes.

  • Undergrowth

Snakes love undergrowth — unkempt grass, bushes, fallen logs and heaps of leaves — because it offers them food and protection. Not only can they camouflage in these areas, but they also find rodents there for eating.

Besides, snakes also like trees and roots for the same reasons mentioned above. In short, the more heavily planted your yard is, the more likely snakes will take shelter there.

What are the Signs that Tell There are Snakes in your Yard

Snakes aren’t easy to spot because they know how to hide well, even in plain sight. Don’t worry. There are some signs that are good indicators of snake residence in your yard. You just have to know what these telltale signs are.

  • Snake-Friendly Yard

The more snake-friendly your yard is, the more is the possibility of snakes seeking shelter there. A yard will be welcoming to snakes if:

  • It is heavily planted.
  • It has undergrowth, compost heaps, fallen logs, piles of firewood and rocks etc.
  • It has cracks, burrows, holes, shady places and other hiding spots of the likes for snakes.
  • It has damp places, rodents’ hiding spots, birdhouses and a chicken coop.
  • There’s no snake-proof fence around the yard or there are gaps between the fence posts that allow access to the snakes.
  • Shed Snake Skin

Snakes are known to shed skin as they grow. So, if you find dry, scaly skin in a crumpled heap on the ground, snake alert! It’s a definitive sign of snake presence on your property.

  • Slithering Tracks

Inspect crawl spaces or dusty areas in your yard. You might notice slithering tracks over soil or sandy sections of the area. Following these trails will let you know where the animal has travelled to on your property.

Note: If you locate a snake during its shedding period, leave it alone. Snakes easily get irritated during the shedding process. They are likely to attack if poked or provoked during that period.

  •  Distinctive Snake Odour

According to the “Journal of Chemical Ecology”, many snakes — such as garter snakes — emit a strong, unpleasant musk when threatened. This ‘musking’ is reserved for when they feel annoyed or agitated.

Therefore, if you come across a foreign and unpleasant scent in crawl spaces or other snake-friendly spots, investigate the area for snake presence.

  • Reduced Number of Rodents & Birds

Rodents and birds are the favourite dishes of snakes. So, if you notice a decrease in the population of rodents and birds in your yard, there’s a killer on the loose, fellas. The mysterious drop in the number of rats/mice, amphibians and birds on your property is a telltale sign of snake presence.

  • Droppings & Snake Excrement in Yard

Snake excretes urates and faeces at the same time. The excrement is chalky and solid. Sometimes you may also notice fur or feathers — the remains of birds or rodents — in snake poo. The presence of such substance may also mean you have got a snake living in the quarters.

  • Distinctive Noises

“Hiss!” We all dread hearing this sound. It means you’re a little too close than is safe to a snake. Unexpected hissing, swishing noises coming from the flooring, vents and other snake-friendly hiding spots hint at the presence of a snake in the vicinity.

How to Eliminate Snake Problem from Your Yard

Once you realise you’ve got a snake on your property, you can take several steps to eliminate the problem.

  • The best and the safest course of action would be to call pest control. The experts will remove the unwanted creature from your property without endangering anyone.
  • You could always use pest control substances or snake repellents to make your yard unwelcoming for the snakes.
  • Eradicate food and shelter sources that attract snakes to your property.
  • Remove all those features, both natural and manmade, that make your yard snake-friendly.
  • Erect snake-proof fencing around your yard to make it inaccessible for snakes.


Snakes prefer to live in wildlife. However, some occasionally find their way into the yards and houses of humans. That happens when they’re in search of warmth and food. It gets more problematic when they decide to hide on your property because they find it a safe harbour. Thankfully, there are signs that will help you easily detect their presence in your yard. We shared those above to help you educate on how to sense snake activity on your property. The recommended suggestions will allow you to make the perimeters unwelcoming for the future.


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